The Club

As a club we are always being asked what is the best age to start my son / daughter in martial arts classes. The answer, of course is NOW! Why wait to give your child that extra edge in confidence and self-esteem? Children are fascinated with the idea of learning martial arts, now you can give them the chance to learn martial arts the real way, which, in our clubs is safely and by fully qualified black belt instructors.

Our Team

  • Andrew Trewick
  • Ironfist Kickboxing founder and chief instructor
  • Black Belt Freestyle Kickboxing
    World Championsip Bronze Medalist
    European Champion
    British Champion x 4
    Scottish Open Champion x 2
    North East Open Weight Champion x 3
    Regional Champion x 9
    Former Member of Team CIMAC
    14 Years Experience
  • David Parkinson
  • Instructor
  • Black Sash N.E.S.M.A.A kung fu
    Black Belt Freestyle Kickboxing
    British Champion x 3
    CIAMC Super league winner x 2
    World Cup Bronze medal
    European bronze medal x 2
    Member of wako gb squad every year since 2007
    Member of the first team Adidas squad
    North East black belt champion x 7
    North East grand champion x 2
  • What We've Won As a Club
  • Opened the first Ironfist kickboxing club in 2011.
    Coach of 2 World Champions.
    Coach of 6 European Champions.
    Coach of Countless British Title winners.
    Coach of 50+ regional champions.
    All titles won across WAKO, WKA, WTKA, ISKA, WKU, WMO governing bodies since 2011.